If you’ve never tried your hand at driving a tank or are on a budget, then an Introduction to tank driving experience is the thing for you. It’s fantastic fun with a real tank, and is the cheapest tank driving experience you can buy.

All the thrill of a tank driving experience - without breaking the bank

All the thrill of a tank driving experience - at a bargain price

For under £100 you can spend an hour or so mastering the controls of a real tank and thrashing up and down over some of the roughest terrain imaginable. You’ll even do it with the lid down using only the periscope for guidance. How’s that for reality TV?

And of course when you discover how much fun it really is, you can come back and choose one of our longer tank driving experiences. We guarantee you won’t be able to resist it.

There are a number of introductory tank driving experiences on offer, either at the World War 2 bombing range in Leicestershire or at Port Talbot in South Wales. We’ve chosen the best one in each location where you’ll get to drive a gigantic 17 ton FV432 tank as driven by the army in the Middle East,  and put it through its paces on real tank terrain.

For those near Leicestershire, the Introductory Tank Driving Thrill from Buyagift is our cheapest experience at a sizzling £99. You won’t find a better – or a cheaper introduction to tank driving than this, so check it out on the link below.

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