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Great tank driving weather coming up!

Right. Listen up you guys, and you girls with a fella.
We know that every guy longs to drive a tank. Some join the army to do it for real – but there’s no need to sign up to the armed forces when a real live Tank Driving Experience is now available to practically everybody. And in complete safety!

But the thing about tank driving, besides it being rough and macho and hairy and noisy and tough, is that to get the best out of it you need the worst of the weather.
Yes, that’s why the tank experience is available in the winter months, and the winterier it gets the better you’ll like it.

It’s no fun driving a tank over smooth fields in the middle of the summer with the sun gently shining down on you. Oh no!. To really appreciate the power, ferocity and sheer brutality of your multi-ton steel leviathan, you need hills, lots of them, and mud, lots of it. In fact the muddier the better. So if you’re on a wild terrain in pouring rain in a depth of mud that would guarantee your Ford Focus is stuck for the duration, then that is the ideal situation to get the most out of your military vehicle and to show your tank-commander mettle.

So if you were waiting for the better weather to drive your tank, then perhaps you’d be better taking up knitting.
Or if you were going to give your guy this fantastic action gift but had decided to wait till next summer, then think again. If it’s cold and wet and muddy and nasty, then that is what tanks were for and that is exactly when he will enjoy it the most.

So get on with it and get your tank driving experience bought now.

And to save you time looking round, the very best tank driving experience is the Full Monty, both for its variety of vehicles, time at the controls and excitement factor.
Here they all are as sold by the top experience providers.

They’re all the same experience at the same place, so just pick whoever is cheapest at the moment. It’s as easy as that.

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Where can I buy a tank driving experience?

We’ve lost count of the number of people who ask us where to buy tank experience days. Luckily we know the answer though, and that’s because you can buy tank driving experience right here. (Not surprising, consider we’re a tank driving experience website.)

Buy your tank experience here


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If you’re spending £100 or more on a tank driving gift, you want to be sure you’re getting the best buy tank experience.

Strictly speaking, we don’t sell these experiences – that’s up to the big name experience day providers like red letter days, buyagift and Virgin experience days.

What we do here is review and rate all the tank experiences on the web, to save you the time and effort in searching for the best. Then we point you directly at the product on their website so you can read all the terms and conditions and nitty gritty.

Next time you want to know where to buy a tank driving experience, just pop over to and drink up our massive collection of tanky goodness.



Best price tank experience days

So what’s the best price tank experience that’s available? Lucky you should ask, because that’s exactly what we’ve been finding out here at

 So what’s a tank experience BEST BUY?

You can see from this best buy table that the best value deal is quite a saving. Click through and find out more about this experience now. The best buy tank experience isn’t necessarily the cheapest tank experience online. It’s the best experience at the best price, so it’s got to be great as well as cheap.

 The BEST BUY tank experience is:

Our favourite tank experience is the Full Monty tank experience, and we’ve searched the web to find the cheapest provider in the UK to make this the best buy tank driving experience.


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Tank driving experience best price

There’s a big difference between best buy and best price. If you want more of a choice of different tank experiences, or something other than the famous Full Monty tank driving experience, we’ve also created a tank driving price comparison. This is a list of the cheapest and best value tank driving experiences in the UK.

 You’ll find our recommended tank experiences, along with the cheapest tank days you can buy in the UK today. So why not have a click through our price comparison table and find the best tank driving experience for you?



Compare prices for tank driving experiences

Tank driving days – Compare prices

 Tank driving experiences come in all shapes and sizes, and they come in all prices too. Not many people realise that you can buy the same tank experience from different companies at different prices. So it makes sense to compare prices. That’s why we’ve come up with this real-time price comparison of tank driving experiences. The prices here are bang up to date, so you can be sure they are the best prices available. And you’ll also be the first to see any special offers too.

 Compare prices for tank driving experiences now


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If you’re spending £100 or more on a tank driving gift, you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal. And as you can see, we’ve found some real tank driving bargains. Of course you should compare the tank experiences with each other as well as comparing their prices, because the content of the experiences differs a great deal. For example, the more you spend,the more different tanks you’re likely to drive and the longer tank-driving time you have.

 It won’t surprise you to learn that in terms of tank time, the really cheap tank days don’t compare that well to the more expensive ones. But using this price comparison feature, you can choose which you prefer, and then choose the cheapest provider of that particular tank day.

What you’ll find though, is if you’re just looking for the best price tank driving experience, there are plenty of decent tank experiences available for under £150.

Prices comparison for our best tank experiences

Remember that our favourite experience is the Full Monty day? Well you can buy that from several different retailers too. To help you compare prices for this experience, we’ve added a price comparison table to the Full Monty tank driving day.

No need to thank us, just take a look at the price comparison and get yourself some amazing savings.


Tank paintball experience

Experience a real tank in a paintball battle – Leicestershire

Tank paintballing - it's paintballing for grown ups!

Tank paintballing - it's paintballing for grown ups!


So you think  paintballing is fun? Well think again. Until you’ve experienced tank paintballing – yes a real tank battle in real military tanks with paintballs for ammo – you don’t know what paintballing is. It’s a great experience with a difference, because you can drive and shoot the cannon!

On this unforgettable tank driving and paintballing experience, you get to drive a real tank in a battle against other tanks and test what you’re made of. You’ve got to hit them before they hit you! And they can’t say you missed them – the paint from your ammo will be splattered all over their tank.

Where can I buy the cheapest tank paintball day?

We’ve brought together all the tank paintball days from the major experience day providers so you can compare prices updated in real time. They’re exactly the same experience but different providers sometimes charge different prices, so once you’ve checked out the detail, then we recommend buying the cheapest.


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Tank paintballing review – what happens on your tank paintballing experience?

First you learn the lie of the land on this World War II bombing range, with terrain that only a tank can handle. Then it’s Battle Stations as you drive the tank in combat on this great tank paintball experience. Your pulse will race, adrenalin pump like never before as you experience the thrill of the chase in your own mighty tank.

Fire! Off goes your huge 40mm cannon. Watch the enemy run scared as you pound them with missile after missile. But you’ve got to beware of other tanks  – remember you’ve only your periscope to see through, so keep your eyes skinned. You’ll be professionally kitted out in kevlar helmet, tank suit and gauntlets, and win or lose, you’ll not forget your tank paintballing experience in a hurry.

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