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Great tank driving weather coming up!

Right. Listen up you guys, and you girls with a fella.
We know that every guy longs to drive a tank. Some join the army to do it for real – but there’s no need to sign up to the armed forces when a real live Tank Driving Experience is now available to practically everybody. And in complete safety!

But the thing about tank driving, besides it being rough and macho and hairy and noisy and tough, is that to get the best out of it you need the worst of the weather.
Yes, that’s why the tank experience is available in the winter months, and the winterier it gets the better you’ll like it.

It’s no fun driving a tank over smooth fields in the middle of the summer with the sun gently shining down on you. Oh no!. To really appreciate the power, ferocity and sheer brutality of your multi-ton steel leviathan, you need hills, lots of them, and mud, lots of it. In fact the muddier the better. So if you’re on a wild terrain in pouring rain in a depth of mud that would guarantee your Ford Focus is stuck for the duration, then that is the ideal situation to get the most out of your military vehicle and to show your tank-commander mettle.

So if you were waiting for the better weather to drive your tank, then perhaps you’d be better taking up knitting.
Or if you were going to give your guy this fantastic action gift but had decided to wait till next summer, then think again. If it’s cold and wet and muddy and nasty, then that is what tanks were for and that is exactly when he will enjoy it the most.

So get on with it and get your tank driving experience bought now.

And to save you time looking round, the very best tank driving experience is the Full Monty, both for its variety of vehicles, time at the controls and excitement factor.
Here they all are as sold by the top experience providers.

They’re all the same experience at the same place, so just pick whoever is cheapest at the moment. It’s as easy as that.

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Tank driving experience gifts

Buying a tank driving experience for a gift?

So are you thinking of buying a tank driving experience as a gift? Good choice, but there are a few things you need to think about first.

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The main thing when you’re buying a tank experience as a gift is where the lucky person lives. These experiences aren’t available in many places throughout the UK, but if you’re after a standard tank experience it’s going to be available in more places than specific ones.

Most of the tank experiences are in Leicestershire, for example so if you’re buying a present for someone who lives in Scotland they’re going to have a long drive.

Why not search by location in the right hand side column to see what’s available nearby. If the location isn’t that important, you can search by price too.

The best tank experiences

But if it’s a really specific experience you’re thinking of buying as a gift, why not just get it and give them and see their face light up?

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Buy a tank experience as a gift for Christmas or birthdays

You can see a grouping of loads of tank experiences higher up this page.

Tank driving experience in the West Country

Why should the Home Counties have all the fun?

Just because you live in the West Country doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a fabulous tank driving experience.
That’s right, you only need go as far as Bristol to experience the thrill of driving some of the army’s most memorable tanks.

Drive tanks and military vehicles in Bristol

Drive tanks and military vehicles in Bristol

A full half day tank driving

That’s right, you’ll spend the whole morning driving four different tanks and other famous military vehicles, including the legendary FV432. Yes all 15 tons of it as used in Iraq and the Middle East by our troops. Feel the mighty engine throb as you put this beast through its paces. There’s no experience like it.

A wonderful Christmas present

Treat yourself to this tank driving experience as the Christmas or birthday gift you deserve.

Or are you a gal stumped what to buy your man for Christmas? Well for only £175, you can solve your problem and buy him the Boys’ Toy gift to die for while you’re online today.  It’s something he may not have thought of for himself, it’s a surprise, and it’s DEFINITELY something he’ll remember for years to come. You can even go with him and video his tank driving experience to immortalise him on youtube.

Only £175 for the Christmas present to make him grateful for ever?  It’s from that trusted experience company Buyagift, so you can have confidence in your tank experience. Check it out here.



Half day tank driving experience

Want the thrill of driving a tank, but the introductory experiences are too short, you want to drive more than one and you can’t spare a whole day for a tank driving experience? Then a half day tank driving experience is the answer.

Drive the 57 ton Chieftain tank on this Ultimate tank experience

Chieftain tank on the Ultimate half day tank experience

The best half day tank driving experience

There are loads available, but don’t worry – here at tank driving experiences we’ve found them all and  checked them out. Our recommended half day tank driving experience is also the cheapest and the best value by far.

It’s the Ultimate Tank Driving Experience from Extreme Elements, famous for their adrenalin rush activity experiences. If you can get to Winchester, this tank driving experience is tanktastic – So what’s so good about this experience?

tank more

Drive the legendary Chieftain tank

Set on Salisbury Plain near Winchester (the Wembley Stadium of Tank Driving Experiences!), this fantastic experience is the only one where you’re guaranteed to take the controls of the legendary Chieftain Tank. This 55 ton monster is not called the Chieftain for nothing, and was one of the most advanced and feared tanks well into the 1990’s. None of the other half day tank driving experiences have this as a selling point – check carefully on the others – you’ll get the great FV432, but no Chieftain, a believe me, till you’ve driven a Chieftain, you’ve not been in a tank.

Drive lots of other tanks too

But that’s far from all. As well as the mighty 700 horsepower Chieftain tank, in your half day experience you’ll also take control of  the Abbot SPG, the FV432 tank – all 17 tons of it, and even get to try out a quad bike for good measure. No wonder it’s called the Ultimate tank driving experience – the wonder is how they fit it all into half a day.

Cheapest half day tank driving experience

This half day tank driving experience, where you actually get to drive the Chieftain tank  and other great military machines, costs only £169.00 from Extreme Elements, one of the country’s biggest experience day providers.

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Introduction to tank driving experience

If you’ve never tried your hand at driving a tank or are on a budget, then an Introduction to tank driving experience is the thing for you. It’s fantastic fun with a real tank, and is the cheapest tank driving experience you can buy.

All the thrill of a tank driving experience - without breaking the bank

All the thrill of a tank driving experience - at a bargain price

For under £100 you can spend an hour or so mastering the controls of a real tank and thrashing up and down over some of the roughest terrain imaginable. You’ll even do it with the lid down using only the periscope for guidance. How’s that for reality TV?

And of course when you discover how much fun it really is, you can come back and choose one of our longer tank driving experiences. We guarantee you won’t be able to resist it.

There are a number of introductory tank driving experiences on offer, either at the World War 2 bombing range in Leicestershire or at Port Talbot in South Wales. We’ve chosen the best one in each location where you’ll get to drive a gigantic 17 ton FV432 tank as driven by the army in the Middle East,  and put it through its paces on real tank terrain.

For those near Leicestershire, the Introductory Tank Driving Thrill from Buyagift is our cheapest experience at a sizzling £99. You won’t find a better – or a cheaper introduction to tank driving than this, so check it out on the link below.

tank driving

Drive military vehicles from World War II

Tank driving is a thrill on its own. But add the history of driving authentic World War II military vehicles and you’ve got yourself an extra special  driving experience.

Go back in time with this WWII military experience

Go back in time with this WWII military experience

Authentic military vehicles from WWII

From the GMC353 troop carrier right though to the fun Willys MB Jeep, these military vehicles are the real deal. And your instructors know all about them, what they did, where they were used, and will show you how to make the most of driving three of these fabulous military vehicles.

Imagine yourself in Memphis Belle or Saving Private Ryan. Go back in time with this unique military vehicle experience.

Get kitted out

You’ll get your authentic full camouflage jacket and trousers, so you’ll look and feel the part as you put these historic vehicles through their paces just like your grandad did in the war. And don’t forget the photographs and videos. Spectators are more than welcome, and you’ll need somebody to record the event for you.

Check out this video of the Willys MB Jeep in action, then click the link below and see to your own military vehicle driving experience. At £229 it’s a bargain, and being at a World War II field in Leicestershire, you can get there easily wherever you are in the country.

Don’t wait any longer, check it out here, from those great people at Extreme Elements.

tank and plane

Drive a tank, fly a tiger moth – what a fabulous Christmas gift idea

Treat yourself – or your other half – to this amazing tank driving and flying experience. Yes, that’s drive a tank and go up in a tiger moth plane all on the same day with this premium experience package.

tiger and tank

Drive a tank, fly a tiger moth - sheer heaven

Duxford is world famous for its Imperial War Museum, and that’s where you can thrill to this great experience.

Drive the famous AV432 APC – 15 tonnes of growling metal. Experience the excitement of a flying lesson in the open-topped Tiger Moth – look at the picture, imagine yourself there. And as if that’s not enough, take a flight in a Dragon Rapide.

You’ll get a souvenir photo of yourself and your plane, but take your friends and family and get yourself videoed for Youtube.

You’ll love this tank driving day to remember. You’ll love this flying day to remember. A once in a lifetime treat for yourself or your other half. And at only £419 it’s very affordable. Check it out on the link below.

tank and plane

Crush a car – the ultimate tank driving experience

What could be better than driving a tank? Crushing a car with a tank, that’s what!

There are tank driving experiences and there are tank paintballing experiences, and here at tankdrivingexperience we’ve picked an even more intense experience – it’s CAR CRUSHING!


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If you’re the kind who wants to go that little bit further, then you’ll love this fabulous tank driving car crushing experience. Yes, you get to drive a tank over a car. Again. And again.

And on all these crush-a-car experiences, you actually get do drive the tank yourself as it goes over the poor doomed motor car. On some experiences that feature car-crushing, you may find that you’re in the tank with three or four other people and the crush driver is selected from among you by the instructor.

So you get single-handed car-crushing, but you’re guaranteed to be the crusher, which is why these experiences cost a bit more than the other type.

If you must, absolutely must, drive a tank over a car in person, rather than ride in a tank that’s being driven over a car, then these experiences are the only ones that will do the job for you.

Drive the best tanks

Your tank-crushing day has you careering over the roughest terrain in the legendary Ferret (ever done 50mph in reverse?) and the old warhorse FV432 armoured personnel carrier – all 15 tons of it. Hang on to your hat as you put your soldiering skills to the test in these military monsters.

crush a car with a tank


Crush a car

And when you’ve mastered your tank driving skills, bring on the car. But not for long as you see how quickly you can reduce the car to a pile of mangled metal. Feel the adrenalin, thrill to the roar of the massive engine. The power of this fabled tank is unimaginable and you get to put it all to use. Tank versus car – no contest.

Tanks for the memory

Make sure you’ve got plenty of pictures and videos of you crushing the car and careering backwards at up to 50mph. Spectators are made more than welcome and get refreshments and a free ride themselves. But their main job will be to make that definitive record of your day to post on Youtube. In fact if you send it to us, we’ll even post in on here for you too. This is a tank driving experience that will live long in your memory, make your mates green with envy and make you long to do it again.

It’s not the world’s cheapest tank driving experience, but it IS crushing a car, and we found it worth every penny. Choose from our real time price comparison below , so you know you’re getting the cheapest deals available and that you’re also the first to see any special offers:

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And as that special gift for someone who has everything, or someone that’s impossible to buy for, this car crush with a tank will be sure to light up his eyes. And just think how grateful he’ll be!

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Best tank driving experiences online

Where can you buy the best tank driving experiences online?

And I mean the best, not the cheapest experiences. Because in tank driving experiences, like in most things, you get what you pay for.

We’ve found the experiences with the best reviews for tank driving and asked the question What is the best price for the  experience to end them all? And here we have for you the selection of the very best ones.

They’re all from the top experience retailers, our long term partners, so we know they’re reputable and give excellent value for money. And on all these experience days you will have the time of your life and get to know and drive tanks like you never thought possible.

So browse through them all, and pick exactly the right one for you. These experiences are in different locations, use a range of military vehicles, and feature different aspects of tank driving, so you’ll need to check out the detail.

But whichever you choose, you’ll have a day to treasure and remember for a very long time. And of course all your friends will be green with envy.

They’re the best tank experiences at the best prices, and to make sure of that we update the prices in real time.

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Great gift experiences

And remember, tank driving experiences make the ideal gift for that birthday or special occasion. Better than a pair of socks any day!


Tank driving experience for “lads and dads”

You only have to be 8 years old to experience the thrill and excitement of tank paintballing with your dad


Lads from 8 upwards can join their dads for a tank paintballing session

Lads from 8 upwards can join their dads for a tank paintballing session

A selected experience for dads and their kids to enjoy tank driving together.

This special tank driving experience is hand picked for dads to take their kids along and share the fun. How’s that for a bit of male bonding?

You’ll get to ride in a real army tank on a real army bomb range in Leicestershire and fire a mighty 40mm cannon loaded with paintballs. Dad can drive, and the junior soldier will have his hands full firing the massive cannon. There’s even a firing range for you to get some target practice.

And kids of 16 or over can have a turn at driving the monster tank too while dad shows what he’s made of on the big gun.

Something to tell them back at school, a tank driving experience to remember.

Your son will absolutely love this tank driving experience  and be the envy of all his mates. This will be a birthday present to remember for years to come, and just think how the photos will look on facebook.

And if you buy a lads and dads tank driving experience, then video it and send us the youtube link, we’ll even put the video up on here for you. How’s that for fame!

This fantastic experience is available from a couple of the top experience day providers who are famous for their extreme sports days, bungee jumping and adrenalin fuelled activities.

At under £100 it makes a very affordable birthday or Christmas present. We’ve tried it and our kids haven’t stopped talking about it since.

Our real time price checker gives you all the “Lads and Dads” on offer, but they’re all the same experience, so we’d advise you to just pick the cheapest.

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