Drive a tank in Scotland if you’re within reach of Dundee, where the rugged tank prepared terrain will give you a tank driving experience you’re sure to love.

Tank driving in Scotland

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What tanks can I drive in Scotland?

Generally there’s quite a selection of armoured monsters for you to take your pick from, ranging from an 18 tonne tank right down to jeeps and trucks. And in the 18 tonner, you can even take part in the famous “Car Crush”.

BUT experiences do come and go, so availability is variable. When Scottish tank experiences do become available, you’ll see them here first because we scour the net every day so you don’t have to. So if there are none at the moment, bookmark the page and keep checking back from time to time.

A day driving these big boys’ toys are just the job for a novel gift idea, when you’ve given all the scarves and woolly jumpers you can think of in every shade of wool there is. Or we find that groups of mates from the office of football team have a fabulous time booking a group on here. Think about it.
And don’t forget your video camera so you’ll have lasting memories to post on Youtube and make everybody jealous.

Tank driving experiences in Scotland

There’s not an awful lot of choice if you want to stay in Scotland and drive a tank or crush a car, but if Dundee is preferable to a trip way over the border, then we can say that these Scottish tank experiences are great fun and great value.
Our price checker updates the prices on the links above for you in real time so you know you’re getting the best value experience when you buy.
And since we only work with top and most reliable and trustworthy experience providers, you can be sure that your tank experience will deliver!!