Tank driving in Northamptonshire.
Brackley and the little village of Helmdon in Northants give the perfect location for a tank driving experience. Tank experiences are best suited to rough terrain, and as far as you’re concerned, the rougher the better.

Here are your options for tank driving in Northamptonshire

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What kind of tanks can I drive in Northamptonshire?

The short answer is “all the best tanks”. Try the legendary Full Monty tank driving experience where you drive several different top class army vehicles, with your day in the Armoured Division culminating in the famous Car Crush where you get to ride the 56 tonnes of raw unmitigated unyielding steel mightiness that is the mythical Chieftain Tank, as used by the British Army, over a poor unsuspecting car.
Hear the cheers, hear the crunching and screaming of metal, and look back in amazement at the rubble that once was a car strewn over the ground !
A Russian TS2 Gvozdika tank, The Lance missile carrier, F432 Armoured Personnel Carrier capable of up to 30 mph off road, not to mention a Supacat ATMP are all there for the driving in Northants. How does that float your tank-driving boat?

Northamptonshire tank driving experiences.

We’ve searched the best experience suppliers with the best history of customer satisfaction and providing value for money. Then we’ve found the best prices for the experiences so you can compare and choose the cheapest. As all our partnered experience companies sell from the same set of experiences, once you’ve checked that the experiences are identical, just buy the cheapest. It’s as simple as that. Oh, and make sure you choose a wet and muddy day so you get to see the worst conditions a tank can handle!