Ashby de la Zouch is the location for Leicestershire tank driving days, on a custom-made course through rolling hills for maximum tankability. Or the historical village of Husbands Bosworth near Lutterworth.

Tank experiences in Leicestershire

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What tanks can I drive here?

You’ll get instruction in, and the chance to drive some legendary armoured vehicles, such as the 17 tonne Abbot Tank, the famous FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, a Bedford MJ 4×4 troop carrier and the renowned BV 206 Hagglund All Terrain Vehicle.

Or how do you fancy getting behind the wheel of a Ferret Armoured scout car or a Russian BRDM?
Not bad eh? You’ll really get a feeling of You’re in the Army Now as you race about on these bad boys!

Tank driving experiences in Leicestershire

We’ve done the hard work by scouring the web for Leicestershire tank experiences from the reputable experience providers who know how to give a soldier a good time. We’ve weeded out the rip-off merchants, so you can be sure of a top class experience and only the keenest prices.
Click on the experience that takes your fancy to check out the detail of what you’ll be driving, where you’ll be driving it and when. And you can book your tank trip there and then. Why wait?

And always remember that a tank driving experience makes an original gift idea for someone who has everything, or even for someone that you can’t think what to buy them. Practically all men, and many girls, long to drive a tank, so you’ll be making their dreams come true!
Unless of course you can only afford an experience for yourself, in which case it’s hard cheese to the lot of them, and off you go and have a fabulous time!!