Want to drive a tank in Hampshire? Well with Winchester and the world famous terrain of Salisbury Plain on hand, where the British Army carry out some of their most taxing manoeuvres, Hampshire is the very place for a fantastic tank driving experience.

Hampshire tank driving

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What tanks can I drive in Hampshire?

What else but the legendary Chieftain tank, all 55 tonnes and 700 horsepower of it? Stalwart of the British Army for much of the 20th century, this armoured steel monster will have you staggered just by its sheer size and power.
You’ll feel on top of the world high up in the armoured turret, careering up hill and down dale, fearing nothing and nobody. Who wouldn’t want to drive one of these bad boys?????
Then there’s the FV432 Armoured personnel carrier, basic Army machine for so many years and a joy to drive, or the AbbotFV433 SPG (Self-propelled gun). And of course plenty of quad bikes and other army-related pursuits all of which combine to make your tank driving experience a day to remember.

Hampshire tank driving experiences

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And remember that a tank driving experience makes a fabulous original gift idea. If you’ve got a birthday or Christmas coming up, and don’t want to give the usual old socks, jumpers, CDs and really boring stuff that gets shoved in a cupboard and forgotten about, how about bringing out the soldier in someone and giving them a tank experience as a gift?
It’ll be a surprise, after all the rubbish you’ve given in past years, but a surprise of the nicest kind, and they’ll be showing you the photos and videos of their tank driving day long after you’ve got totally fed up of seeing it.
Or you could always drop the hint and get somebody else to give you a tank experience!!