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Tank driving experience for “lads and dads”

You only have to be 8 years old to experience the thrill and excitement of tank paintballing with your dad


Lads from 8 upwards can join their dads for a tank paintballing session

Lads from 8 upwards can join their dads for a tank paintballing session

A selected experience for dads and their kids to enjoy tank driving together.

This special tank driving experience is hand picked for dads to take their kids along and share the fun. How’s that for a bit of male bonding?

You’ll get to ride in a real army tank on a real army bomb range in Leicestershire and fire a mighty 40mm cannon loaded with paintballs. Dad can drive, and the junior soldier will have his hands full firing the massive cannon. There’s even a firing range for you to get some target practice.

And kids of 16 or over can have a turn at driving the monster tank too while dad shows what he’s made of on the big gun.

Something to tell them back at school, a tank driving experience to remember.

Your son will absolutely love this tank driving experience  and be the envy of all his mates. This will be a birthday present to remember for years to come, and just think how the photos will look on facebook.

And if you buy a lads and dads tank driving experience, then video it and send us the youtube link, we’ll even put the video up on here for you. How’s that for fame!

This fantastic experience is available from a couple of the top experience day providers who are famous for their extreme sports days, bungee jumping and adrenalin fuelled activities.

At under £100 it makes a very affordable birthday or Christmas present. We’ve tried it and our kids haven’t stopped talking about it since.

Our real time price checker gives you all the “Lads and Dads” on offer, but they’re all the same experience, so we’d advise you to just pick the cheapest.

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Full Monty tank driving experience – are you hard enough?

Ever fancied yourself driving a tank? Or an Armoured Personnel Carrier, an amphibious Hagglund or a Missile Carrier? Well this is your chance to drive them ALL and play soldiers for this full day tank driving experience. And you only need to be 13 years old to join in.

Ouch! Have fun on the Full Monty tank driving experience

Ouch! Have cracking fun on the Full Monty tank driving experience


You’re in the Army now with the full Monty tank driving experience

When it comes to tanks and armoured vehicles, the army’s got the lot. Well now’s your chance to join in the fun, driving round all day in military vehicles and tanks, shooting stuff, crushing stuff and having the time of your life.

On this great Full Monty tank driving experience, you’ll start by getting dressed for the part in your personal camouflage suit and helmet. And your tank driving camouflage suit is your to take away (just the thing for the office party!).

Then a quick safety briefing, and it’s straight into action for the tank driving experience of a lifetime.



You’ll drive them all on this fabulous full monty tank driving experience.

Feel on top of the world in a legendary Russian Gvozdika tank weighing in at a mighty 16 tons and measuring 25 long and a towering nine feet high. You’ve seen it on the news, now drive this amazing tank yourself and thrill to the power as the mighty beast throbs beneath you.

And there’s the renowned FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (or APC as you’ll come away calling this great machine) and an amphibious Hagglund tracked carrier. And let’s not forget the powerful Rapier rocket carrier and Lance missile carrier. How much excitement can a man take in a day? this great tank driving experience certainly puts it to the test.

And as well as the driving, there’s firing muskets and mortars, shooting clays and woodland patrolling SAS style.


Experience driving a Chieftain tank

Yes, it’s 56 tons of raw steel, and the day’s best driver will take the controls and use the Chieftain’s amazing power to crush a car while the others stand in the cockpit cheering and shouting. How about that for a Youtube picture?

The Full Monty tank driving experience is a tank driving experience and more. Treat yourself, or even better bookmark this page and get your other half to give you the best Christmas present you’ve ever had bar none.

The full Monty tank driving experience is run at Brackley in Northants on ideal tank terrain – the rougher the better.


The cheapest place to buy this Full Monty Tank Experience

You can treat yourself (or your other half) to the Full Monty experience through the country’s top experience day specialists. It’s the same experience from all of them but we keep prices updated in real time and as you can see, you can save a few quid depending on who you buy it from.

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And to keep you going while you’re waiting for your tickets, check out this video to give you a taste of car crushing in action