Treat yourself – or your other half – to this amazing tank driving and flying experience. Yes, that’s drive a tank and go up in a tiger moth plane all on the same day with this premium experience package.

tiger and tank

Drive a tank, fly a tiger moth - sheer heaven

Duxford is world famous for its Imperial War Museum, and that’s where you can thrill to this great experience.

Drive the famous AV432 APC – 15 tonnes of growling metal. Experience the excitement of a flying lesson in the open-topped Tiger Moth – look at the picture, imagine yourself there. And as if that’s not enough, take a flight in a Dragon Rapide.

You’ll get a souvenir photo of yourself and your plane, but take your friends and family and get yourself videoed for Youtube.

You’ll love this tank driving day to remember. You’ll love this flying day to remember. A once in a lifetime treat for yourself or your other half. And at only £419 it’s very affordable. Check it out on the link below.

tank and plane