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Introduction to tank driving experience

If you’ve never tried your hand at driving a tank or are on a budget, then an Introduction to tank driving experience is the thing for you. It’s fantastic fun with a real tank, and is the cheapest tank driving experience you can buy.

All the thrill of a tank driving experience - without breaking the bank

All the thrill of a tank driving experience - at a bargain price

For under £100 you can spend an hour or so mastering the controls of a real tank and thrashing up and down over some of the roughest terrain imaginable. You’ll even do it with the lid down using only the periscope for guidance. How’s that for reality TV?

And of course when you discover how much fun it really is, you can come back and choose one of our longer tank driving experiences. We guarantee you won’t be able to resist it.

There are a number of introductory tank driving experiences on offer, either at the World War 2 bombing range in Leicestershire or at Port Talbot in South Wales. We’ve chosen the best one in each location where you’ll get to drive a gigantic 17 ton FV432 tank as driven by the army in the Middle East,  and put it through its paces on real tank terrain.

For those near Leicestershire, the Introductory Tank Driving Thrill from Buyagift is our cheapest experience at a sizzling £99. You won’t find a better – or a cheaper introduction to tank driving than this, so check it out on the link below.

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Tank driving experience for “lads and dads”

You only have to be 8 years old to experience the thrill and excitement of tank paintballing with your dad


Lads from 8 upwards can join their dads for a tank paintballing session

Lads from 8 upwards can join their dads for a tank paintballing session

A selected experience for dads and their kids to enjoy tank driving together.

This special tank driving experience is hand picked for dads to take their kids along and share the fun. How’s that for a bit of male bonding?

You’ll get to ride in a real army tank on a real army bomb range in Leicestershire and fire a mighty 40mm cannon loaded with paintballs. Dad can drive, and the junior soldier will have his hands full firing the massive cannon. There’s even a firing range for you to get some target practice.

And kids of 16 or over can have a turn at driving the monster tank too while dad shows what he’s made of on the big gun.

Something to tell them back at school, a tank driving experience to remember.

Your son will absolutely love this tank driving experience  and be the envy of all his mates. This will be a birthday present to remember for years to come, and just think how the photos will look on facebook.

And if you buy a lads and dads tank driving experience, then video it and send us the youtube link, we’ll even put the video up on here for you. How’s that for fame!

This fantastic experience is available from a couple of the top experience day providers who are famous for their extreme sports days, bungee jumping and adrenalin fuelled activities.

At under £100 it makes a very affordable birthday or Christmas present. We’ve tried it and our kids haven’t stopped talking about it since.

Our real time price checker gives you all the “Lads and Dads” on offer, but they’re all the same experience, so we’d advise you to just pick the cheapest.

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Tank paintball experience

Experience a real tank in a paintball battle – Leicestershire

Tank paintballing - it's paintballing for grown ups!

Tank paintballing - it's paintballing for grown ups!


So you think  paintballing is fun? Well think again. Until you’ve experienced tank paintballing – yes a real tank battle in real military tanks with paintballs for ammo – you don’t know what paintballing is. It’s a great experience with a difference, because you can drive and shoot the cannon!

On this unforgettable tank driving and paintballing experience, you get to drive a real tank in a battle against other tanks and test what you’re made of. You’ve got to hit them before they hit you! And they can’t say you missed them – the paint from your ammo will be splattered all over their tank.

Where can I buy the cheapest tank paintball day?

We’ve brought together all the tank paintball days from the major experience day providers so you can compare prices updated in real time. They’re exactly the same experience but different providers sometimes charge different prices, so once you’ve checked out the detail, then we recommend buying the cheapest.


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Tank paintballing review – what happens on your tank paintballing experience?

First you learn the lie of the land on this World War II bombing range, with terrain that only a tank can handle. Then it’s Battle Stations as you drive the tank in combat on this great tank paintball experience. Your pulse will race, adrenalin pump like never before as you experience the thrill of the chase in your own mighty tank.

Fire! Off goes your huge 40mm cannon. Watch the enemy run scared as you pound them with missile after missile. But you’ve got to beware of other tanks  – remember you’ve only your periscope to see through, so keep your eyes skinned. You’ll be professionally kitted out in kevlar helmet, tank suit and gauntlets, and win or lose, you’ll not forget your tank paintballing experience in a hurry.