Tank driving is a thrill on its own. But add the history of driving authentic World War II military vehicles and you’ve got yourself an extra special  driving experience.

Go back in time with this WWII military experience

Go back in time with this WWII military experience

Authentic military vehicles from WWII

From the GMC353 troop carrier right though to the fun Willys MB Jeep, these military vehicles are the real deal. And your instructors know all about them, what they did, where they were used, and will show you how to make the most of driving three of these fabulous military vehicles.

Imagine yourself in Memphis Belle or Saving Private Ryan. Go back in time with this unique military vehicle experience.

Get kitted out

You’ll get your authentic full camouflage jacket and trousers, so you’ll look and feel the part as you put these historic vehicles through their paces just like your grandad did in the war. And don’t forget the photographs and videos. Spectators are more than welcome, and you’ll need somebody to record the event for you.

Check out this video of the Willys MB Jeep in action, then click the link below and see to your own military vehicle driving experience. At £229 it’s a bargain, and being at a World War II field in Leicestershire, you can get there easily wherever you are in the country.

Don’t wait any longer, check it out here, from those great people at Extreme Elements.

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