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Tank driving experience in the West Country

Why should the Home Counties have all the fun?

Just because you live in the West Country doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a fabulous tank driving experience.
That’s right, you only need go as far as Bristol to experience the thrill of driving some of the army’s most memorable tanks.

Drive tanks and military vehicles in Bristol

Drive tanks and military vehicles in Bristol

A full half day tank driving

That’s right, you’ll spend the whole morning driving four different tanks and other famous military vehicles, including the legendary FV432. Yes all 15 tons of it as used in Iraq and the Middle East by our troops. Feel the mighty engine throb as you put this beast through its paces. There’s no experience like it.

A wonderful Christmas present

Treat yourself to this tank driving experience as the Christmas or birthday gift you deserve.

Or are you a gal stumped what to buy your man for Christmas? Well for only £175, you can solve your problem and buy him the Boys’ Toy gift to die for while you’re online today.  It’s something he may not have thought of for himself, it’s a surprise, and it’s DEFINITELY something he’ll remember for years to come. You can even go with him and video his tank driving experience to immortalise him on youtube.

Only £175 for the Christmas present to make him grateful for ever?  It’s from that trusted experience company Buyagift, so you can have confidence in your tank experience. Check it out here.



Half day tank driving experience

Want the thrill of driving a tank, but the introductory experiences are too short, you want to drive more than one and you can’t spare a whole day for a tank driving experience? Then a half day tank driving experience is the answer.

Drive the 57 ton Chieftain tank on this Ultimate tank experience

Chieftain tank on the Ultimate half day tank experience

The best half day tank driving experience

There are loads available, but don’t worry – here at tank driving experiences we’ve found them all and  checked them out. Our recommended half day tank driving experience is also the cheapest and the best value by far.

It’s the Ultimate Tank Driving Experience from Extreme Elements, famous for their adrenalin rush activity experiences. If you can get to Winchester, this tank driving experience is tanktastic – So what’s so good about this experience?

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Drive the legendary Chieftain tank

Set on Salisbury Plain near Winchester (the Wembley Stadium of Tank Driving Experiences!), this fantastic experience is the only one where you’re guaranteed to take the controls of the legendary Chieftain Tank. This 55 ton monster is not called the Chieftain for nothing, and was one of the most advanced and feared tanks well into the 1990’s. None of the other half day tank driving experiences have this as a selling point – check carefully on the others – you’ll get the great FV432, but no Chieftain, a believe me, till you’ve driven a Chieftain, you’ve not been in a tank.

Drive lots of other tanks too

But that’s far from all. As well as the mighty 700 horsepower Chieftain tank, in your half day experience you’ll also take control of  the Abbot SPG, the FV432 tank – all 17 tons of it, and even get to try out a quad bike for good measure. No wonder it’s called the Ultimate tank driving experience – the wonder is how they fit it all into half a day.

Cheapest half day tank driving experience

This half day tank driving experience, where you actually get to drive the Chieftain tank  and other great military machines, costs only £169.00 from Extreme Elements, one of the country’s biggest experience day providers.

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